15-Point Energy Exam

The Benefits of Improved Home Performance

Lower Energy Bills

Insulation, caulking and other affordable efficiency upgrades can reduce energy use and waste in your home.

Increased Comfort And Health

Home performance improvements can lead to cleaner air, consistent heating and cooling and the reduction of moisture-related mold problems.

Cleaner Environment

Using energy more efficiently is a cost-effective way to keep the environment clean.

Enhanced Home Value

Improved home performance can reduce maintenance costs, improve durability and make your home more attractive to buyers.

Rebates And Other Incentives

Most homeowners have access to a variety of rebates, tax credits and low interest financing options for home energy upgrades.

Energy-exam-COMPOur Exam

Your Home’s TOP Energy Offenders!
  1. Attic Insulation
  2. Water Heater Efficiency
  3. Water Pipe Insulation
  4. Entrance to Attic
  5. Exterior Wall Outlets
  6. High Energy-Consuming home appliances
  7. Specific Rooms with Temperature Problems
  8. Air Infiltration
  9. Refrigerator/Freezer Settings
  10. Ductwork Joints
  11. Light Bulbs
  12. Thermostats
  13. Basements
  14. Crawlspaces
  15. Windows

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