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Choosing a Patio Shape

Square? Round? Angled? Curved Freeform?

Designing a great new patio offers the opportunity to utilize more of the outdoors, and add a complementary living space to your home.

“You’ll want to make sure the patio shape you select is well suited to your needs and the setting,” writes the LandscapingNetwork.

“Factors that dictate patio shape:

  • Your property’s shape and size
  • What you plan to use the patio for
  • The style of your home and garden”

Giving some consideration now to the shape and layout of your new patio can help maximize and complement your available space, so that Oneil Concrete Construction can build the patio of your dreams.

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Prepare Your Patio For Winter

After enjoying our backyard patios all summer, most of us give little thought to them after the first cold snap.

But a little thought and effort toward maintaining and preparing your patio for winter is easy, and will help preserve it for many warm summers to come.

Winter Patio Usage

Mild weather days may allow you to enjoy your patio during the winter. Keep a snow shovel handy (plastic shovels prevent abrasion to your patio surface). Avoid the heavy use of salt de-icers to avoid chemical damage to the concrete surface. Store patio furniture nearby and covered for easy use. You may even want to use your BBQ grill for Super Bowl parties and other mid-winter grilling, so consider keeping it covered and ready for use.

Remove Patio Furniture

If not planning to use your patio during the winter months, give all your patio chairs, benches, and tables a good wash with a garden hose and allow them to dry in the sun. If possible, store it away inside a garage or garden shed; if not, simply cover it with a plastic tarp and tie it up securely.

Clean the Grill

Like the patio furniture, rinse the grill down with a garden hose. If necessary, use a degreasing detergent and a stiff bristled brush to loosen and wash away accumulated crud. If a gas grill, turn the supply valve off and disconnect the tank; take it indoors for winter storage.

While a new quality concrete patio from Oneil Concrete Construction will last for decades, a little care and maintenance can keep it looking its best.

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Patio Planning 101

“Whether you’re dreaming up a brand new outdoor living space or are dying to revamp an unsightly slab of concrete, planning ahead is key to creating a patio that’s both beautiful and functional,” writes Gretchen Roberts of HGTV.

When planning your own project, you’ll also want to consider your new patio’s purpose, location, size, shape, surrounding landscaping, and any extra features you want to incorporate like lighting or a fire pit.

“The patio is a part of your home, so have fun with the design and make it yours.”

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Seven Creative Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

“Quickly becoming one of the most popular types of hardscape material, stamped concrete lets you pull off a high-end look without the high-end cost,” writes Hunker. “Additionally, it’s durable, free of cracks for grass or weeds to grow through, and it’s surprisingly customizable.”

Check out some of our recent stamped concrete patio and other concrete projects:

Oneil Concrete Construction can help you choose the perfect stamped and/or colored patio for your home.

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