Concrete Lifting & Mudjacking

The reason most concrete sinks is because of substandard building practices or erosion. The use of Fill dirt is almost always placed along side of house and garage foundations after the foundation work is completed. This fills in voids created during the construction process. Rarely does a builder take the time to compact this dirt so over time it can settle or wash away with the rain.

Soils consist of solid particles and there are many microscopic spaces or voids between these particles. These spaces in soil can cause big problems for buildings and concrete slabs. Erosion is a Big Factor, as well Concentrated loads can literally squeeze air and water out from the uncompacted soils allowing the concrete to settle.




Oneil Concrete¬†Construction can help repair your sinking slabs and Save Money On Your Concrete Repairs. There’s no need to replace sinking and damaged concrete, Repair it without all the mess and headaches associated with a laborious construction project. Oneil Concrete’s 2 Step Drill and Fill Technique is able to bring your sinking concrete back to level quickly.

After Mudjacking is complete and your concrete is level, we patch the tiny 1 3/8″ hole(s) made during pressure grouting. The Mudjacking Process restores your concrete to as close to new as possible and stabilizes the underlying ground at the same time.

Our service is non invasive and most repairs are usually completed in the same day they are started. Larger commercial jobs take somewhat longer. Raising Settled Concrete, Soil Stabilization, Pressure Grouting and Filling Voids Under Concrete left by erosion is what we do.

Oneil Concrete Construction guarantees a four year warranty on all concrete lifting services. Contact us today!