Considerations for Your New Walkway

A number of issues should be considered when choosing materials for a walkway or pathway:

Design & Style

When planning your new walkway, consider the design characteristics of your home, and choose layout, colors, and materials to complement them. For example, if you have a rustic country-style home, consider a more natural look. Symmetric lines may be better for a very formal home.

Home Materials

Look at your house’s colors: siding and trim, stucco, brickwork, etc.. The colors and textured of your walk don’t need to match them exactly, but try to select colors that complement existing structures. Earth tones are always popular, as they usually complement traditional building materials. Oneil Concrete Construction can help you choose textures and colors to match the colors of your home.

Real Estate Value

A concrete walkway made with quality materials is a good investment in your home, improving its appearance, function, and resale value. Walkways serve to make an extension of your home by making unusable places usable. Avoid the use of poorly executed gravel paths, or paver walkways which may heave and shift, thereby actually reducing the value of your home.


The budget you have set aside for your project is important when designing a new walkway, as it will determine the overall size and any special textures or colors used.

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