Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is rapidly becoming the perfect solution for homeowners living with a nasty, dirty and wet crawl space. Oneil Concrete Construction’s method of encapsulating a crawl space includes sealing the area with a heavy duty vapor barrier called WhiteCap. This plastic liner is available in two heavy duty mil thicknesses and will fully protect the crawl space from the exterior elements of nature. By completely closing off the outside elements, you will reduce your energy usage, improve air quality, and also rid the crawl space of dirt, bad odors, mold, bugs, and other critters such as mice. Once the encapsulation system is completely in place, the crawl space area can then become an excellent storage space.

To ensure your newly encapsulated crawl space is as energy efficient as possible and remains free of moisture and mold, Oneil Concrete Construction recommends adding quality Spray Foam Insulation as well as a crawl space dehumidifier. The Oneil Concrete Construction Insulation is installed on the rim joist, or the area where your basement or crawl space foundation wall meets the floor. Our powerful Aprilaire dehumidifier is designed specifically for the crawl space. Both products will ensure that your living space remains energy efficient and that the air you breathe is healthy and without nasty odors.

Those wondering how to properly insulate your crawl space and transform it into usable space can feel confident knowing that Oneil Concrete Construction’s complete family of encapsulation products and services offers a permanent solution to adding more comfort to your home and for saving on your family’s energy costs each month.