Dual Pump Pack®


A quality sump pump system is perhaps the most critical component of any waterproofing drainage system. In just the past few years, many waterproofing companies have developed backup systems that operate on battery or generator power. During a major storm, the only way a basement waterproofing system can function properly and to its capacity is with a quality sump pump system. The pump itself is worthless if it doesn’t have electrical supply to it. With our Dual Pump Pack®, you’re covered. From the basin capacity to the electrical supply, we have a patented system that can move water efficiently. When you waterproof your basement, be sure to invest in a quality sump pump system from Oneil Concrete Construction.


dual-pump-pack-logoThe Dual Pump Pack® is a state of the art sump pump and is only available through Oneil Concrete Construction. Any homeowner can go to Home Depot™, Lowes™ or a plumbing supply house and purchase a sump pump, however, you won’t get the features found in our system. Our system has a multiple backup system to activate in case of a failure. If the primary pump fails or the level of water is too much, a second sump pump kicks in. If you lose power, we have a battery backup sump system. In addition, our sealed basin keeps nasty odors from entering your living quarters.


dual-pump-pack-ac-back-upThe main benefits of the Dual Pump Pack® sump system are:

  • A sealed water basin
  • Multiple pumps
  • A battery backup system
  • Large capacity to handle the biggest storm