Floor Finishing

Terra Casa floor 1Oneil Concrete Construction offers waterproof floor finishing for basements. Our basement floor finishing is much better when compared with hardwood flooring for the basement, and it looks very similar in design! The floor finishing system we use is made from inorganic materials, which means that it won’t ever foster the growth of mold or mildew. Mold feeds off of organic materials, and when your basement doesn’t have a real wood floor, mold can’t develop there.

Our Terra Casa basement flooring is available in many different designs and mimic the look and feel of genuine hardwood flooring. Unlike real hardwood floors, however, this basement flooring is never going to buckle, rot, or show its age within a few years.

Basement Flooring

Terra Casa floor 2When you are finishing your basement and you’re in need of a durable flooring material, use Terra Casa. This flooring has undergone a lot of testing which has proven that it is never ruined by dampness and isn’t effected by stains or discoloration. Installation is easy and can be dealt with quickly by Oneil Concrete Construction.

The materials used in the production of this basement flooring is all environmentally friendly and it’s even better for you when you know it will never mold like with traditional basement flooring!

Types of Floors

We know that there are many different types of floors for basements, such as plywood, chipboard, or hardwood. However, none of these materials are going to be able to handle the basement environment. Only our special, waterproof floor finishing is designed to be able to withstand rot, mold, mildew, rats, buckling, dampness, musty odors, and so on! Also, if replacement is ever needed for a certain area of the flooring, it’s a fast, simple, and affordable job to have done.

We offer our Terra Casa basement flooring in a variety of shades, including: Hickory, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Fruitwood, Cinnamon Ash, Dakota, Smoked Walnut, and Hazelwood.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about getting this amazing basement flooring for your home!