Standby Home Generators

Protect The Things That Matter Most


Unpredictable weather can instantly leave your home without lights, heat, air conditioning, or power to important medical devices and other electronic appliances. Take a proactive approach to protecting your house and family in an emergency by investing in a standby generator. With a backup generator in place, you and your loved ones will be able to live safe and comfortably until the electric company can restore power to your home.

Electrical generators from Oneil Concrete Construction are specially-designed to sense a power outage. When they detect that the power is out, the generator activates and produces usable power for your home. Also, our backup generators are not portable, but are permanent instead. These provide for a much better investment for your home since you will not have to waste time filling them regularly with gasoline or worrying about plugging them in properly during a bad storm. Once the lights go out, you can expect a Oneil Concrete Construction generator to restore power to your home in mere moments after the outage occurs. There is no reason to be left in the dark. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and contact us today.