Helical Piers


Helical piers are basically push piers that have a helical axis welded onto the steel pipe. This allows us to screw a helical into the ground, giving it a lot of holding strength. Once the helical pier reaches the suitable soil, we then transfer the weight of the structure onto the helical for support. Helical piers work really well in our soils, can be installed year round, and offer flexibility in terms of installation locations.


Oneil Concrete Construction helical piering system works really well on all types of structures, both residential and commercial.





Helical piers have many benefits including:

  • Proven method for structural support that lasts
  • Quick and clean installation process
  • Can handle both heavy or lighter loads
  • Usually restores structure to original level position
  • Keeps property value intact
  • Cost effective way to correct a sinking or settling foundation