Linen & Prestige Basement Ceiling Tiles


Oneil Concrete Construction suggests adding a drop or suspended ceiling in a finished basement. These type of ceilings not only provide excellent sound barriers, they also add beauty and complete a very finished look.

A drop ceiling hangs on steel wires attached from the basement ceiling joists. A drop ceiling consists of a lightweight steel grid that supports ceiling tiles and light fixtures. This type of ceiling offers important advantages in a finished basement, and Oneil Concrete Construction’s ceiling tiles are made specifically for use in a basement.


finished-basement-ceilingOneil Concrete Construction’s ceiling tile system is a great solution for any basement ceiling. Our ceiling tiles are made specifically for finished basements. Our ceiling tiles are made out of an inorganic mineral fiber composition rather than from wood fibers. Our 2′ by 2′ by 3/4″ basement ceiling tiles are water resistant and have a 30-year warranty against mold and mildew. There is simply no better basement ceiling system – if there was, we’d carry it. We install two distinctive styles for basement ceilings, linen and prestige.

Linen ceiling tiles are our brightest, richest looking tiles. With an attractive, sophisticated look, their bright design helps to make your whole basement look larger, cleaner, and well-lit! These tiles are ideal for brightening a family room, home office, or home theater.

The Prestige tile is a recessed ceiling tile that is specially textured to be forgiving of marks and dings. With its more economical pricing, it’s a solid choice for a game room, children’s play room, home gym, or creative space. The Prestige and Linen basement ceiling tiles are a perfect companion to our basement floor tiles, and our insulated Magic Wall System. The ceiling, flooring, and wall systems from Oneil Concrete Construction can turn your basement into a place you’ll enjoy for years.


After-Basement-Ceiling-TilesThe benefits of Oneil Concrete Construction’s ceiling tiles are:

  • Fast, hassle free, and clean installation
  • Compatible with all recessed lighting systems
  • A sound barrier for your finished basement
  • Full access to all electrical, ductwork and home cabling systems
  • Simple access to all plumbing and sewer pipes for any repairs
  • A quick turn tile replacement is available should a tile become damaged
  • Beautiful, finished look, and a very durable product