Magic Wall System


Save money with this helpful, energy saving solution


At Oneil Concrete Construction, we truly understand what it takes to transform your cold, damp and dark basement into a comfortable living space for you and your family. That is why we select superior products that are designed specifically for the basement environment. So many basements we find are finished using wood framing and standard dry wall material. When exposed to any levels of moisture or high humidity, these organic materials begin to rot, support mold and mildew growth, and make the air you breathe unsafe.

The Magic Wall System™ is a basement wall system which was developed by engineers to ensure that the materials used were going to last when installed in below grade conditions and keep your newly finished basement safe and dry. The system creates a waterproof barrier between the living space and a damp foundation wall and utilizes moisture and mold-resistant insulation with an R-16 value. R16 is one of the best ratings for insulating your basement walls. Having this rating on your basement finishing system can significantly reduce energy costs in your home.

Because we aim to create a living space in your basement comparable to the rest of your home, our system will also deliver walls that are smooth, seamless, and can be painted your color of choice. The engineered walls exceed building code by four times, meaning TVs and shelving systems can be hung without worrying about the structural integrity of the wall. The Magic Wall System™ also creates a straight interior wall even if the foundation wall is curved from age or soil settlement. Not only can you save energy costs and completely customize our Magic Wall System, but you can also save money on installation time. Panels are precut, and easy to modify for any basement situation. In fact, most jobs are completed in half the time of traditional finishing methods, giving you the extra living space your family needs right away.