Mold & Allergen Treatment


My HomeBiotic™ is a revolutionary new air and surface purifier that harnesses the natural benefits of probiotics to help reduce your suffering from indoor allergies and asthma. It works to reduce indoor allergens, dust, foul odors, and many asthma triggers. This technology is all natural and uses no harsh chemicals or ozone like many of the other purifiers on the market. Its main ingredient is Bacillus Ferment, which is commonly found in things like yogurt, and is listed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) substance by the FDA. This system can be the missing factor to many people who struggle daily with allergies and asthma. Studies have shown this system helps minimize indoor allergy suffering and aids in limiting many indoor environmental factors that trigger or exacerbate asthma.

A vapor of probiotics is created and distributed into the designated environment. This vapor will travel through the air and begin to settle on surfaces. As it settles it will begin to colonize and feed on what is called biofilm. Biofilm is a combination of dead cells, dead bacteria, fungi, algae, allergens, and other organic materials. These together these micro-organisms secrete a sticky substance that begins to form a barrier or shell that attract things like dust, allergens, and bad organisms. This microscopic layer is invisible to the human eye, but is the breeding ground and food source for bad bacteria and other pathogens. Without this layer of biofilm these things cannot survive.

The probiotics that My HomeBiotic™ distributes feed on this biofilm and the organisms it collects. As these good bacteria settle onto surfaces they will devour the biofilm and claim that territory. The bad bacteria will begin to diminish as their food source is consumed by the probiotics, and as their territory is no longer suitable for their survival. The probiotics establish a level of bio-security within the environment and will continue to protect and clean it from new bad bacteria and pathogens. My HomeBiotic™ will also continue to protect the area from new allergens that are brought inside through windows, doors, shoes, or even on your pets.

There are many benefits to the reduction to biofilm in your home. Most foul odors are caused by chemicals secreted by bad bacteria, as the bad bacteria begin to decrease so do the odors that they produce. Diminishing the biofilm also means a lower level of dust, dander, and other allergens in the indoor environment. Pet dander, or skin cells, can be a common allergen that many people are challenged with. Not only that but these skin cells, along with our own, are the main food source for the hundreds of thousands of arachnid dust mites that you have crawling in your bed, pillows, rugs, and carpet. Dust mites produce a protein in their fecal matter that many humans are allergic to. By lowering the amount of food that is provided to these unwanted guest, we can begin to diminish their population within our environment and lessen their impact on allergy symptoms or asthma triggers.

This system is continuously cleaning on a microscopic level. My HomeBiotic™ creates a complete bio-secure environment when it is attached to a buildings HVAC. When the vapor is introduced into an HVAC system you get the added benefit of having the probiotics begin to clean the ventilation. This will diminish dust, odors, bad bacteria, allergens, and other pathogens from being distributed through the home.

My HomeBiotic™ provides environmental security for all environments. If you are a person on-the-go and travels a lot we provide a personal spray that may be used to protect yourself on the plane or in your hotel room. The system can also provide a single room or small area unit, capable of protecting up to 800 sq. ft. This is perfect for the office or for your teenager’s dorm room. Complete building units are available as well that can be integrated into a home or small business’s HVAC system to provide the entire building with a fully automated bio-security. These units are also available on a commercial level to provide protection for larger businesses. Oneil Concrete Construction also provides fogging service with My HomeBiotic™ to saturate an area with probiotics and get a jump start on the establishment of the of the environments bio-security level. This is a great service to be used when buying or selling a home.

Basements and crawlspaces are notorious for being home to unwanted dingy environments and health hazards. These areas often fall victim to moisture and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, allergens, and other pathogens. Often these problems go unnoticed, increasing in severity over the years, developing that “basement smell” and creating an unhealthy atmosphere within your home. As these pathogens build in the home, they can create health issues and be a trigger to people who suffer from allergies and asthma. My HomeBiotic™ is a perfect solution to help maintain a basement that has been properly waterproofed, and make it a cleaner, safer, and healthier place.