Radiant Armor

Radiant Barrier, Vapor Barrier and Insulation in One


Summer and winter are brutal on the cost for heating and cooling your home. Are you looking for a way to fight rising energy bills? We pride ourselves on offering solutions to homeowners that will provide you with a drier, cleaner, healthier, safer and more energy efficient home. One product that covers all of these points is Radiant Armor. This incredible product is composed of insulating layers of aluminum foil, polyethylene backing, and closed-cell polyethylene foam, making it an all-in-one solution for heat, condensation and cold in both your basement and crawl space.

radiant-barrier-compare-chart-largeRadiant Armor takes encapsulation to the next level with all the benefits of WhiteCap Vapor Barrier plus even more. It is not only a vapor barrier, but also a radiant barrier and insulation. Carrying an R-16 value that is unaffected by humidity and moisture, you will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Unlike standard fiberglass insulation, Radiant Armor is resistant to mold, is not harmful to your health and does not provide nesting for rodents, bugs and birds. If you want to encapsulate your crawlspace and make your home more energy efficient, we will install the drainage matting and WhiteCap on the floor, and then install Radiant Armor on the walls. Radiant Armor will even bring the same benefits to your basement walls as well. Over time, the cost savings pays for the service itself. If you are interested in learning more, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts today!