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Recovering From and Preventing Future Basement Flooding

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring a flooded basement!

If your home’s foundation suffers from groundwater leaks, or your roof’s drainage system is in disrepair, water can make its way into your home and cause big problems.

First, follow these tips to clear the water from your basement, remove damaged possessions and other materials, and clean and dry the basement.

Then call Oneil Concrete Construction for permanent and affordable solutions to your basement flooding issues. Oneil offers basement waterproofing solutions and products for any basement or crawl space. Our multiple sump pumps, battery backups and backup alarms are the most reliable models available, and when installed, will ensure that your basement stays dry and moisture-free even during a heavy storm.

So, stay dry, and put Oneil Concrete Construction to work for you!

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