The Reinforcer


In order to fix a cracked or bowing basement foundation wall, one must first understand the root cause of the problem. How much bigger will the crack get? Has the wall begun to bow or buckle? The Reinforcer™ is an exclusive product that Oneil Concrete Construction has to alleviate this problem. This is perhaps the most modern and technologically advance repair method that will secure foundation wall movement and prevent any further wall decay.

Homeowners in Wisconsin can take comfort in knowing that our system is time tested and has proven to be effective. The Reinforcer™ carbon wall repair system works and it is guaranteed.


The Reinforcer™ carbon fiber system is as thin as a dime and yet it is 10x stronger than steel. Hard to believe, but carbon fiber is one of the most advanced products used for many products, including the building of airplanes. The product not only offers tremendous strength, it also is lasting in nature. Once installed, a wall will not move any further.

The Reinforcer™ is a patented revolutionary carbon fiber system and was developed by professional engineers. A combination of space-age polymers and carbon fibers are processed to create a material that provides the perfect solution to a cracking foundation wall. The system prevents a wall from any further movement, period. Once installed, you can paint over the strips and blend them into the existing color palette. The Reinforcer™ is offered in the Madison area exclusively through Oneil Concrete Construction.


The main features and benefits of The Reinforcer™ system are:

  • Bowed wall stabilization
  • Modern technology that will last over time
  • Professional engineering
  • Foundation or basement wall stabilization
  • A written guarantee for performance
  • Peace of mind – know your biggest asset is protected