Wall Coatings


Mold is a very dangerous fungus and it can cause a variety of health issues for you and your loved ones. It has been proven that mold in a home can lead to: breathing problems, respiratory infections, allergies, skin irritation, eye irritation, headaches, fatigue, sinus infections, and a variety of other conditions you shouldn’t have to contend with. Also, mold is very unsightly and can develop on your walls, floors, and even on your furnishings with time! This is why we offer wall coatings to protect the surfaces of your basement or crawl space from developing mold.


To protect your family and your home from mold, have our special wall coating placed on your basement or crawl space walls. The special epoxy wall coating we use features a mold inhibitor which is resistant to peeling or blistering, and provides exceptional mold and mildew resistance.




The epoxy wall coating we use can typically be placed on your wall surfaces in just one day. It dries fast and is available in white or grey.