Whitecap Vapor Barrier

Do You Have A Nasty Crawlspace?


In the past decade, many Wisconsin homeowners have benefited from encapsulating their crawl space with a vapor barrier liner. As the term suggests, encapsulation is the process by which you protect the area under your home from moisture, bugs, critters (such as mice), water, foul odor, and virtually all other elements of the natural environment that could enter into the crawl space area.

Our WhiteCap™ vapor barrier liner is available in 20 Mil thicknesses and 12 Mil thicknesses. Not all crawl space vapor barriers have the same quality or construction, will last as long as ours does, or perform properly to improve air quality in your home and ensure the water vapors from the ground stay out of the walls and flooring in your basement. WhiteCap will last for several decades. A cheap plastic liner will never truly encapsulate the space, and will also deteriorate in a short period of time. Also, cheap crawl space liners can often give off a nasty odor. Since the purpose of crawl space encapsulation is to eliminate moisture, mold, odor and other nasty elements, poor quality liners just defeat the purpose.

Homeowners benefiting from our crawl space encapsulation and moisture barrier liners can also see improved air quality and other benefits by installing a dehumidifier designed for the crawl space environment, as well as insulating the crawl space with spray foam insulation. Combined, all of these solutions will help prevent costly damage to your home and give you a more comfortable space.